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PCB Assembly

Automatic form soon available.

Please email us your BOM for a quotation on PCB Assembly and components if required.

Please see below our capabilities on PCB Assembly.

Lead time:

Our assembly time ranges from 1 working days to a few weeks. This differs due to complexity of the job and quantity of PCBs.

Parts Source:

a. Consigned/kitted: You supply us all the parts that your PCBs need. Please check the reference of how the parts should be sent to us.

b. Turn-Key: We supply you all the parts needed for your PCBs. We will only source from reliable suppliers such as Mouser, Digi-key, Farnell, etc. We do not mark up on the parts cost.

c. Partial Turn-key/Combo: You supply us some of the parts and we supply the rest.

In case of Partial Turn-key/Combo and Turn-Key, after we track down all the parts we will ask for your approval. Please be advised that stock might change any time without any notice.

Assembly Options and component's size:

We offer both SMT and THT PCB Assembly service. We also offer double sided assembly. We can populate the following components: 0402, 0603, 0805, 1206, 2225 and ICs down to 0.4mm pitch.