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Frequently asked questions

Why do I need to panelize my boards?

Panelization is needed when the PCB’s dimensions are smaller than 70 x 70mm or when they are in any other shape than square.

Can I supply you all or some of the components to be populated on the PCB?

Yes, but you need to make sure you will send us the components according to our needs. SMT components must be supplied on reels, cut tape (must be continuous) and stick/tube or tray. If more than one PCB kind need the same part, do not cut it into strips, but keep it in a continuous strip of tape or in the reel. Please keep in mind that if you have more than 1 kind of PCBs to populate with components we will either need the components of each kind of PCB in different box shipped to us, or the components can be in the same box but packed individually for each kind of PCB. If one component is used in 2 or more PCBs it must have a note on the label that it is used on 2 kinds of PCBs.

Resistors, Capacitors and Diodes (0603, 0805, 1206, 2225, SOT, SOD, MELF) require a minimum of 50 pieces and must exceed the required quantity by 30 pieces.

Resistors, Capacitors and Diodes (0402, miniature packages) require a minimum of 100 pieces and must exceed the required quantity by 50 pieces.

More expensive parts as IC, QFP, Connectors etc must exceed the required quantity by 1-5 pieces, this will be arranged according to each case.

Will there be any excessive or unused parts and how do you handle them?

If we will provide the component from our stock, there will be no excessive part so there will be no additional charge. If we do not have the specific component in our stock we will order a few more than we need which we can ship them back to you.

Do you accept to assemble PCB’s that are not manufactured by PCBArt?

Yes, we can do that. Although we need to see some photos first and the GERBER files to make sure that our machines can support the specific PCBs.

What are the files needed for my PCBA order?

We will need the Gerber files, BOM and Centroid data (it is not mandatory if you do not have it).

What is the required format of the BOM?

Please download this excel file example.

Do you assemble BGA?

Unfortunately we do not assembly BGA yet, it is in our near future plans to start this service as well.

Is your PCBA RoHS Compliant?

Yes, we can also offer leaded PCBA services if it is asked.

Lead Time:

Our assembly time ranges from 1 working days to a few weeks. This differs due to complexity of the job and quantity of PCBs.

Parts Source:

a. Consigned/kitted: You supply us all the parts that your PCBs need. Please check the reference of how the parts should be sent to us.

b. Turn-Key: We supply you all the parts needed for your PCBs. We will only source from reliable suppliers such as Mouser, Digi-key, Farnell, etc. We do not mark up on the parts cost.

c. Partial Turn-key/Combo: You supply us some of the parts and we supply the rest.

In case of Partial Turn-key/Combo and Turn-Key, after we track down all the parts we will ask for your approval. Please be advised that stock might change any time without any notice.

Assembly Options and component's size:

We offer both SMT and THT PCB Assembly service. We also offer double sided assembly. We can populate the following components: 0402, 0603, 0805, 1206, 2225 and ICs down to 0.4mm pitch.

What files do you need in order to start the production?


Do I need to panelize my boards?

If the size of each PCB is less than 15 x 15mm then you will have to panelize it, or ask from us to panelize it.

Are your PCBs RoHS Compliant?

Yes. But we also offer leaded PCBs if it is asked.

What is the minimum order of PCB?

You can make an order starting from 1 piece.

When does the Turn-Time begin?

After your files (GERBER & DRILL) pass our design rule check, fabrication will start immediately.

If I find a mistake on my PCB can I cancel my order?

If the fabrication has already started we cannot stop it. Unfortunately on this case we cannot refund you.

What if I am dissatisfied with PCBs from PCBArt?

If you find any defects please let us know immediately. We will respond as soon as possible. We can repair or re-fabricate the PCBs or we will refund full amount to you without asking to return the defective PCBs.

Inner layers:  copper thickness / min. conductor
Copper thickness Conductor trace width / space annular ring min.
12μm 75μm / 10μm 90μm
18μm 90μm 90μm
35μm 100μm 100μm
70μm 175μm 175μm
405μm 250μm 250μm
140μm 300μm 300μm


Outer layers: copper thickness /min. conductor
copper final thickness conductor trace width / space annular ring min.
30μm 75μm / 100μm 90μm 90μm 90μm
35μm 100μm 100μm
70μm 175μm 175μm
105μm 250μm 250μm
140μm 300μm 300μm
210μm 500μm 500μm
400μm 900μm 900μm


Solder stop Green
  Standard On request
Clearance 50μm 40μm/25μm (BGA)
Bridge width 100μm 80μm
Cover 100μm 80μm


Solder stop black, blue, white, red, yellow
  Standard On request
Clearance 50μm 40μm
Bridge width 125μm 100μm
Cover 150μm 125μm


Marking print parameters
font height ideal font height min. font width*
1,2mm 150μm 100μm
1,5mm 180μm 125μm
1,8mm 200μm 150μm
spacing to pad min. 150μm  
spacing to solder stop clearance 100μm  
Never place marking print on pads.Will be removed by PCBArt before production.
*Can lead to surcharge (special production)


Pattern tolerances
Drilling (PTH) to conductive pattern outer layers ±0,10mm
Drilling (PTH) to conductive pattern inner layers ±0,15mm
Drilling (PTH) to milling pattern / contour ±0,10mm
Drilling (NPTH) to milling pattern / contour ±0,10mm
Drilling (PTH) to marking print ±0,15mm
Conductive pattern to solder resist ±0,10mm
Conductive pattern to marking print ±0,20mm
Hole to hole, one pass* PTH-PTH or NPTH-NPTH ±0,05mm
Hole to hole, two passes PTH-NPTH ±0,10mm
* Also applies for PTH-NPTH if they are drilled in one run (e.g. location holes for SMD stencils)


Flexible PCB thickness
Type Tolerance
Flexible part thickness ±50μm
Stiffener thickness ±50μm


Vias & Drills
Plated-through holes (PTH) and component holes ±0,10mm
Non-plated-through-holes (NPTH) ±0,08mm
Press-fi t technology (drilled) ±0,05mm
> on request ±0,10mm
Press-fi t technology (milled*) ±0,075mm
*From a final diameter of approx. 6.0mm (depending on the surface) the holes are milled, not drilled.


Ofsset (to PCB center) ±0,10mm
Drilling (PTH) to scoring pattern ±0,15mm
Drilling (NPTH) to scoring pattern ±0,20mm
PCB dimension x/y ±0,15mm
Scoring depth ±0,20mm


Bow & Twist
For PCBs ≥ 0,8mm thickness 0,75% with SMD
1,50% without SMD
Please note that the twist & bow value is increased above average, if the copper balance of the PCB is locally very unequal or if the circuit board is very thin.


Cu min. thckness throughplating
  class 2 (standard) Class 3
Via (> 150μm) 20μm-25μm 20μm-25μm
Microvia (≤ 150μm) 18μm-20μm 20μm-25μm
Blind Via 10μm-12μm 10μm-12μm
Buried Via 10μm-12μm 10μm-12μm